Solution Writing

Arsipel takes a fresh approach to solutioning by its Solutions Writing service offering. Our methodical service offering allows us to expound your preferred solution approach from the Requirements Gathering, and provide clear & comprehensive understanding of the functionality scoped. We believe seeing is believing; we deliver visual and functional depictions of the final product to ensure high quality tailormade custom solutions. The visuals provide the opportunity to ensure, along with close collaboration, that your captured needs are met within your predilections.


Using iterative development approach and establishing continous communication, Arsipel ensures not only a steady quality but also a pleasant, interactive experience. Also delivering full range of documentation including Features and Functionality Map, Technical Specification, and Deploy Log and Scripts further supports our clients adopting the new functionality.

Report Development

Data is power, especially when you can put it to use! Our streamlined Reports service is conveniently easy, fill out our Report Request Form and we will provide a cost and delivery date to you the same day in most cases. If you need help coming up with the right report idea, we will help you determine the format that is meaningful to your needs. Whether it is custom tabular data, a scheduled delivery report, or aggregated data that is calculated and formatted, or a dashboard with graphics, we got you covered. We can deliver reports the same day in some cases and complex reports within a day or two. We understand when a report is needed – you really need it now.

Contact us and see how quickly we can deliver.

Data Conversion

Whether you need a complete conversion of your legacy system, or partial conversion of specific data such as exhibit or event registrations, or prospect data from marketing lists, Arsipel’s Data Conversion offering is at your service. We offer two different levels of service based on how you provide the data to us: The optimum data conversion service is when you choose to clean and format the data yourself and provide it to us in files using Arsipel’s file format. The alternative offering is when you require our services to review and map your data. This option is suitable for when you prefer to provide the data in a backup file and cannot provide it in our file format. Whichever service offering fits your needs, we provide reports that encapsulate the result of conversion, so you are informed precisely how many records were converted, and any exceptions that occurred.

Web Design

Whether you need a complete overhaul of your website, or a partial facelift, we are at your service. Arsipel’s design team reviews your existing website against your current, as well as, future needs. We consult with you on proposed enhancements and offer recommendations that solve your needs long term. We are well versed in implementing visual refinements and navigational improvements, as well as adapting for responsive design. We look forward to providing the care your website needs and creating opportunities for you to better connect with your customers.

Mobile App

Do you want to broaden your services via a mobile app? Arsipel offers its experience and capabilities to develop mobile applications that run on netForum™’s xWeb framework. These tailor-made apps can vary from extending the members-only functionality on your classic website to a mobile application, to enabling your staff with simple yet quick access to vital areas of netForum™ such as queries and certain dashboard reports. Whatever your mobile app needs are, we are here to deliver the solutions to you.